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 Pet Trusts

While many people are concerned about the care and well-being of their pets after they pass away, most estate plans do not adequately address these issues.

To ensure that pets are looked after and cared for properly, pet trusts can be created to outline these provisions. Pet trusts are specialized provisions in broader estate planning documents or stand-alone tools that are part of estate planning. Specific state laws govern these pet trusts.

At Secure Estate Services, LLC, we understand that pets are often as important (or more important) to our clients as their assets. Instead of pets being given to a shelter or left to strangers, properly drafted pet trusts will ensure that your wishes for your pets are carried out, including what people or organizations you want to be involved.






Estate Planning

While pet trusts are becoming more common, many estate planning firms still set them up improperly or draft pet trusts that provide inadequate protection. Pet trusts may provide for dogs, cats, parrots and other birds, horses, reptiles and any other pets.

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